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The Complete Works

February 3, 2012

When you become a book-worm, It is not enough to read a single book of  a writer, even a two or three, rather you may be thirsty of, to swallow everything written by your lovable author and writer, at least this is my feeling. If you read Crito of Plato you have to read Apology too, If you read The Right of Man of  Thomas Paine you have to read Age of Reason too and so and so.

Thanks to the age of file sharing, here I try to upload some of the complete works of some famous writers including 2000+ pages works of Shakespeare, 2000+ Pages of all dialogues of Plato, 39,000 (I mean “Thirty Nine Thousand”) page lectures and works of Osho and nine more complete works. Download and enjoy.

Here we go…

The  Complete Dialogues of Plato

The Complete Works Aristotle

The Complete Works Leonardo Da Vinci

The Complete works of Nostradamus

The Complete Works of Shakespear

The Complete Works  of Thomas Paine

The Complete Works Of Edgar Allan Poe

The Complete Works of Emily Dickinson

The Complete Works Sigmund Freud

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection

The Complete Works of Dr. Rampa

And finally, the famous/notorious Osho’s  Thirty Nine Thousand page collections

The Complete Works of Osho


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  1. Many thanks zole …and please keep enlightening us.

  2. Zekarias permalink

    Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dagife wolde permalink

    interesting blog! I like it!!!

  4. Sami permalink

    Thanx zele, keep up the good work.

  5. jaywant narvekar permalink

    This is my most important link.

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