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Dear visitors,

Welcome to my blog.

I’m here to share impromptu thoughts and random resources — that I found important.  Coherence and deeply thought pieces are not intended by this attempt. It’s all a personal rant and exposure.



P.S. Apologies for the highly frequent em dashes. It’s only because I love them.

  1. Qale'ab Tadesse permalink

    It is nice to see you love us (we the proletariats) does it include the tyrants?

  2. fekidyiab permalink

    really! i proud to be your bro….u know u are the one who associate yourself with the ultimate gift of nature the so called FREEDOM

  3. man i really liked,impressed and amazed by your blog and many thanks for the resources my name is abel asrat and am also writing at my blog but can’t thank you enough for the resources and you can reach me at

  4. Akemitu permalink

    The statement regarding the Leopard’s spots– you my know In the Bible , ” Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the Leopard it’s spots?”seems close

  5. Kristyna permalink

    Hi! can I ask you one thing? I just need to know if the document here is the actual version of the EPRDF´s political program? thank you

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