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On Orwell

May 17, 2012

Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it ”

This is a statement of George Orwell that he  explained his reason for writing in his  1946 essay  ‘Why I Write’.

For me the yardstick of a Novel & an Essay should not be other writer than of George Orwell.  Orwell is simply a writer with pain, with smile, with understanding and with justice. When you raise his book to read I can bet that, you will return it back to the shelf without a single dog-ear or a coffee ring. Every Orwellian line has a breath that stand for itself.

Beyond the beauty of every line, Orwell’s line has a greater mission of mocking & damning a dictator and Serving justice & equality. I am lucky, because Orwell writes more than half of a thousand articles that is waiting me on my reading list.

Please, Look for this data:

3 Books, 6 Novels , 555 Articles,  5 Stories,  37 Collections,  7 Pamphlets,  17 Poems,  1 Plays,  4 Scripts,  5 Journals,  5 Letters,  2 Books edited,  1 Periodicals edited , 2 Newspapers edited.

Unless the man is not Orwell these all can’t be accomplished by one man beautifully, with 47 years of earthly life.

Yea, Orwell is really a WRITER !

To share my amazement of Orwell, here I try to upload almost all pieces produced by George Orwell. Here we go.




Animal Farm

Burmese Days

Down and Out in Paris and London

Coming Up for Air

A Clergyman’s Daughter

Keep the Aspidistra Flying


The Road to Wigan Pier

Homage to Catalonia


50 Essays in One Document, that Includes:

Good Bad Books

Why I Write

Notes on Nationalism

Books Vs. Cigarettes

Politics and the English Language &  45 more.

Poems of Orwell

By the way Do you know that:

Wαґ ḯṧ ℙεαḉℯ
ℱґ℮εḓ◎м їṧ ϟℓα♥εя¥ &
ℑℊᾔ☺яαᾔḉℯ їṧ ϟ⊥ґ℮η❡☂н

If not, check the Orwellian Society.


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  1. Hey! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for
    the nice data you’ve right here on this post.
    I will probably be coming again to your blog for more soon.

  2. Hi, in your “50 Essays” by George Orwell document (which is a PDF), the essays are printed on a dark green background, which is hard to read. Is this available with simply a plain, white background? Thanks!

  3. Your copy of Animal Farm (also a PDF) has a much lighter background and it is MUCH easier to read than the 50 Essays document. Thanks!

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