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Ethiopian History 101, By: Teddy Afro

April 15, 2012

First I thought  to give the title of this post  ‘Teddy Afro punch the ‘ New  ‘Historians’ in the gut.’ But, I decline it, to give a more wider caption. And I call It History 101, by: Teddy Afro.

The New Teddy Afro album is amazing as always has been and I prefer to give my reflection on the title of the album called ‘Tikur Sew’.

In Tikur Sew Teddy tries to give a history lesson for Ignorants but, not in a conventional way rather in a new & lovable way.

1. E pluribus unum , Out of Many, One

The first thing that I  found Interesting in  ‘Tikur Sew’ is Its mentioning of  different Patriots & war lords who plays pivotal role  in the battle of Adwa, from different Ethnic Group :

❥ First It mention Dejazmach Balcha Aba Nefso, an Oromo patriot

❥ Then  Emperor  Minilik ( Aba Gagnaw) , from Shewa, Amhara

❥ The Next is Fitawrari Habte Giorgis Dinagde ( Aba Mela ) , a Gurage Patriot

❥ It is Ras Mengesha Yohannes, Tigrian Patriot ( The son of Emperor Yohannes IV from Tigray) turn to be mentioned and followed by.

Ras Alula Engida, another Tigrian Patriot,

❥ And Finnaly, Empress Taytu Betul , another Amhara from Gonder. Comes to Teddy’s  enumeration.

Therefore, the first lesson that Teddy try to forward for us is, Adwa is not one man’s or one ethnic group success rather many’s.

2.  Teddy Depicts Minilik as African Tikur sew (Black Person)

The Other thing that we face in Teddy’s lesson is Adwa’s value for Tikur Sew (Blacks). I can’t get any better explanation than this  Bewketu Seyum’s on one of his recent article. Bewketu says:

<< በኔ ግምት የአድዋ ድል ትልቅ ጭብጥ ‹‹የሰውነት ክብር›› ይሰኛል፡፡ ቀደምቶቻችን ወደ አድዋ የጋለቡት በግፍ የተነጠቁትን የሰውነት መታወቂያ ለማስመለስ ነው፡፡>>

From this we can understand that The Battle of Adwa is not battle for boarder transgression or else, it is simply a battle for Identity, that Identity is what Teddy mention as Tikur Sew’s Identity.

3 . Yes, is The Word

The Other thing that I got Impressive is, Teddy’s expression of ‘ unless I say ‘Yes’ for Miniliks & Taytu call to fight with the Europeans, I may lose my Identity.” This is a lesson that told us Ethiopia as One say ‘Yes’ to Miniliks Call for war, without any assumption of their difference.

4.  Teddy Mix Amharic & Oromiffa

Teddy try to mingle Amharic & Oromiffa  (the two major Ethiopian languages, majority of Ethiopians speaks) . The language of this two ‘competing’ Ethinic group (Oromo & Amhara ) is one of the main agenda in a recent political discourse as well as policy making. So, Teddy’s shoot here is an ‘on target’ shoot.
Teddy says :‘ Ijoollee Biyya Keenyaa ’ in Oromiffa that literally means ‘ የሀገሬ ልጆች’ in Amharic or  ‘My Compatriots’ in English . This is a great leap forward to me, for those who feel they are aliens & stranger in the main land.

5. The Music is, MARVELOUS .

At last I want to post some verses from Teddy’s another hit called ” Sel Fiker“:

አፈር ይዞ ውስጡ አረንጓዴ፣

ለምን ይሆን የራበው ሆዴ፡፡

ብራናው ይነበብ ተዘርቶ አትሮንሱ ላይ፡፡

የነ ፋሲለደስ፣ የነ ተዋነይ፡፡

የት ጋር እንደው የኛ ጥበብ መሰረቱ፣

የኋላው ከሌለ የለም የፊቱ፡፡

That Is why I say, Teddy Is Incomparable !


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  1. feydu smart permalink

    This is the best analysis. Adwa should not be percieved as if it is owned by highlanders and centerists, rather it includes all….wonderful explanation…BUT you share and re-share and re-re-re-share it so as to reach many audiences.

  2. tekle tesfaye permalink

    Thanks Che

  3. Thank you and keep up your wonderful posts

  4. Meron Mamo permalink

    I will agree with all the explanation u give to “ጥቁር ስው እና ስለፍቅር” but i have reservation to the other song. I think i expect more from him, at list i was expecting him to say someting about his experiance of the past 3 years but he miss it and shows he hide some of his real time challange in life behind bar.

    • Abera G. permalink

      U better listen to all musics.z idiomatic meanings can answer ur questions.

  5. BefeQadu Z Hailu permalink

    This is a good piece of writing Zelalem.Thumbs up for your perspective.

  6. Impressive, thxs,thxs, thxs zele.

  7. So far the best analysis of “Tikur Sew” album. Congrats. I officially follow you from now on

  8. ♥ , for all of You !

  9. If you still think heroism is to be wild in a battle, u’re not a man of this time pal. Or you must be a retard who cannot catch up with the present. Think again, who is better us or Italy now? who cares about adewa? Every country and every people has won and lost wars. But it’s only Ethiopians who still fantasize “victory” a100 yrs later. Think again! The world knows our starvation better than ‘yadewa dil’.

    • Opps You are talking about ‘Abebe’, when I talk About ‘Debebe’ !

      If we have to talk about ‘Abebe’ , Do you know that Americans Celebrate Independence day on July 4 , with a day-off ? Do you know the founding fathers of America have their own memorials & statues here and there ? I think it is not ‘cos of Americans are ‘still fantasize “victory” a 200yrs later’ by tour word, rather It is something worthy.

      About the starvation thing, Please ask your self than of blaming & shaming of our forefathers Dear.

      For the ‘Think again’, Thank you for your ‘suggestion’ dear. ahaha

      Cheers !

    • Kulich permalink

      Adwa may not be a big deal for you. But it is a great source of pride for many Ethiopians and fellow blacks all over the world. Catching-up with the present doesn’t mean ignoring the past. Can you name one country that vilifies its victory? Not one that I know. Yes, Italy is and was (at the time of the battle of Adwa) economically better than Ethiopia. Why are you asking the blogger to ‘think again’ on this? We may be having lots of problems now but this doesn’t change the color of our victory in Adwa. If you have issue with this, get over it.

      • Afe Kuret Yibelelh/Yielelesh Kulichye haha
        Thank You !

      • King Bazen Ze Ethiopia permalink

        @Kulich…Thank you so much! you got the point. i feel shame by his topic…may be he is a scared Eritrean who lost his identity by working as ice and milk with his colonizer Italy. Thank Zelealem for sharing this view.

  10. Habte permalink

    Wow is beutieful!!!

  11. Selawawit assefa permalink

    Luved it

  12. utopiawi permalink

    History101 indeed. I love it. I wish u would also say something about (‘sel fiker?) his #2 on this album. Those two, i like the most.

  13. endex kidane permalink

    thank u i like it

  14. Abduletif Kedir permalink

    Dear Zola,
    I am bothered by the sheer lack of empathy in celebrating Menelik for whatever reason. I believe the Menelik fun club should be more considerate given its claim of brotherhood among the peoples of Ethiopia. for if we are truly brothers then we should validate/respect the pain of the other. by this i do not intend the whole sale acceptance of the ethno-nationalist discourse and its implications for the present and future of Ethiopia, rather a need for shared condemnation of the past societal injustice however benign.

  15. zyoni permalink

    hodam .kesers memolat aydelem eko ……

  16. Teddy Afro is a legend in his own right. TEDDY AFRO MUSIC and TEDDY AFRO SONGS will remain what BOB’s music was to Jamaicans.

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