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On Philosophy

February 13, 2012

Philosophy bakes no bread” (Actually it is “A Beard can’t bake a bread“), “There is no self-claimed/ self-appointed philosopher” and so on, is how the stereotype for philosophy going on. But, Is it really? Is my first Question.

Philosophy can’t bake a bread” hmm, By the way, what do we mean by bread here?  Even if we agree on our conventional thinking of a bread, how dare we are to claim that Wisdom can’t bake a bread ? If wisdom can’t bake a bread, Who can? As Socrates ask his accusers, “If I am the corrupter of the youth, who is the improver?” Is a better analogy to be presented here?

About the there is no self-claimed/ self-appointed philosopher claim, my impression is I don’t know why? If there is a self-claimed politician, a self-claimed carpenter, a self-claimed teacher… why not a self-claimed Philosopher? That is why I claim and declare here that , I will be a full-time philosopher ( Is there any? ) Soon or later.

Philosophy always impress me in an incomparable manner than any other discipline. I don’t know, why peoples try to avoid philosophy to be part of their life. I don’t know, how Individuals directly link philosophy with deviation and madness. I don’t know, how peoples can develop a prejudice for philosophy as well as for philosophers. The bottom line is philosophy is literally the pursuit of wisdom metaphorically “the key of life.” If you try to avoid the “key,” your life always continue locked in the dark.

Anyway to share some amazing thoughts, from some of the GREAT minds of the world, here I try to post some of their works, from Politics to Morality, from God to Death, from Law to Power, from Sex to Beauty, from Nothing to Everything…

It is your part to download & to be mesmerized. And finally, I give you a honorable task,  it is not that much difficult, it’s simply “To THINK about THINKING.”

Works of Ancient Philosophers

Confucius ( Basic Teachings)

Plato (COMPLETE Dialogues)

Aristotle (COMPLETE Works)

St. Augustine (SIX Books )

St. Thomas Aquinas  (SIX Books)

Niccolò Machiavelli (ONE Book)

Works of Middle age Philosophers

Baruch Spinoza (TWO Books)

Francis Bacon (ONE Book)

Immanuel Kant (SIX Books)

Jean Jacques Rousseau (ONE Book)

John Locke (FOUR Books, Including the Four Volumes: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding)

John Stuart Mill  (THREE Books)

Thomas Hobbes  (THREE Books)

George Berkeley  (THREE Books)

ዘርዓ ያቆብ ኢትዮጵያዊ  Zara Yaqob Ethiopia  (ONE Book)

René Descartes  (SIX Books)

David Hume (SEVEN Books, Including the Three Volumes: Treatise of Human Nature)

G. W. Leibniz  (THIRTEEN Books and Articles)

Works of Industrial age Philosophers

Karl Marx (Twenty-Eight Books and Articles Including his magnum opus, Three Volume: Capital)

G.W. Fredrich Hegel (THREE Books)

Friedrich Nietzsche (FOUR Books)

Works of 20th Century Philosophers

Bertrand Russell (FOUR Books)

Jurgen Habermas (THREE Books)

Michel Foucault (SEVEN Books, Including the Three Volumes: The History of Sexuality)

Noam Chomsky (THREE Books)

Simone de Beauvoir (ONE Book)

Jacques Derrida (EIGHT Books and Articles)

Albert Camus (TWO Books)

Jean-Paul Sartre (THREE Books)

Ayn Rand (FIVE Books)

Martin Heidegger (FOUR Books)

George Santayana (THREE Books)


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  1. Thanks for sharing Zola!

    “Philosophy bakes no bread”?
    But, does the lack of philosophy (or to quote Marx “the poverty of philosophy”) bake bread?
    If that was true, Ethiopia must be a land of philosophers!!!

    Feuerbach once said “A man is what he eats” by this he meant that the food one eats has a bearing on what one’s state of mind and health. (Just give it a thought how Injera is affecting you!) So for Feuerbach But, for Mahatma Gandhi “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”

    If someone thinks “Philosophy bakes no bread” may be that is the result of what he eats.


  2. this is something good. keep it up man.!

  3. put hear don’t convey my deep appreciation 4 u. I’ve nothing 2 say other than …”long live ! Enlightening my self is began by subscribing ur web”

  4. Kirubel permalink

    My huge respect to you Zola! Thanks for caring to share! You don’t know who it will change completely!

  5. hawaz permalink

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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