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The Laws

January 29, 2012

I try to imagine an absolute LAW-less world, but, I can’t get the image.  For me one of the great accomplishment ( Invention or exploration?) in human history is , the human solution for a problem via the law, forget the finding of fire. Now we can be dare to say “No-Law-No-Liberty” even, am dare to say ” No-Law-No-Life.” The communists delirium of Class-less as well as Law-less society was blow as a wind, because of it was a day light dream, because of it was unrealistic… So, the bottom line is we need the LAW.

As a “lawyer” in a law class (as a student & as a teacher ), I get some type of laws here and there, as omnipresent and I vow to read this laws and declarations that gives me a first hand understanding of different concepts, that gives me an inspiration for freedom and liberty ( reading the Bill of Rights take the lion share in this instance) and that gives me a chance to meet with history & its actors face to face. To tell you my impression on reading this laws & rules, I can’t find a better means than of posting some of this historical documents in human history. So here is the beef.


The Code of Hammurabi, of  The Babylon

The Laws of Twelve Tables, of The Romans

The Magna Carta, of England

The Fetha Nagast, of Ethiopia

The Bill of Rights, of  England

The Declaration of Independence, of US

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Declaration of Right of Man and Citizens, of France



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  1. Gizew permalink

    Selam Zemelak,

    I just come to your site by accident I was impressed by the collation of interesting books that you collected.

    If you are interested, you can add “Këbra Nagast/ (ክብረ-ነገስት) pdf ” and you can download it here

    Click to access kebra_budge.pdf

    Thank you for the great job


  2. Tena Yesteligne Zelalem ,

    Thanks for these resources and I was wondering if you may post Awde Negest in Amharic.

    Thank you for all.

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