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JESUS meets SOCRATES, this time for FREEDOM !

March 28, 2011

By: Zelalem K.

Humanness is our daylight secret that give us a sense. A sense of thinking beyond our extinct, a sense of joy & sorrow, A sense of pursuit of Freedom to mean pursuit of living a dignified life with honor to keep our humanity.

So our Freedom is our Humanity like that of hungry of bread, naturally we are also hungry for Freedom .If we goes out of bread we surrender to death, that is the end .If we live a life that leash our natural sense called freedom literally we are alive but, with disgrace, Dishonor & in chain. Can we call our existence/mere breath as a life? Is death in hunger of bread or a life of disgrace a better ones ?

The Martyr of FAITH & Martyr of REASON are around the corner to argue:

JESUS, The Martyr of Faith, tries to preach about Justice (I know their is a controversy about what does Justice means , I take it in Liberty & Right sense) as a nucleus of Freedom by ignoring superstitious & unjust existing rules by submitting himself to love of a Brother unknown , a Sister ignored & missed but, a HUMAN  . After all “An unjust law is not a law at all”.

When the few, if we call them rulers , they are rulers, tries to object his Justness, he is stubborn because it is unnatural to leave a just faith to Inhumanity & Chain. The price of justness may be Death, so that so forth  the Martyr of Faith crucified.

SOCRATES, The Martyr of REASON, live for seven concrete decades. Most of his life is full of Arguments with a friend or a bystander..No matter for him, actually with nag also thanks to his wife . But Socrates is always reasonable, he assert his  ideas logically & as he thinks fit .

But the Coward tries to accuse him of corrupting the mind of the youth & Blasphemy against the gods however, natural impulse of Socrates told him to be reasonable always, for that matter the martyr of reason Died with a poison as a means of execution.

Hope & Courage

From our hero martyrs we can infer that always to be just & to be Fair .The triggering factor for pursuit of freedom is justness & humanity. If we say “Yes” for a sub-human rulers to surrender our natural behavior   to be just & free from chains & oppression we are also sub-humans.

Courage means like that of Socrates like that of Jesus to be just & reasonable for a freer life .If we fail in to trap for our nature that is right because we are HUMANS.

When we see HOPE yea, we can agree that JESUS, the Faithful hero is hopeful/ knows about his resurrection as a matter of divinity. When we see our  Reasonable Hero , SOCRATES his courage & defiance leads  him to the sub-human net , even if he have a chance to escape from the trap Socrates doesn’t try it because it is UNREASONABLE . SUPER-HUMANITY revealed . As his life is full of arguments his dead man will is also like that of his entire life. One of Socrates last word as of his pupil Plato put on Apology is so incredible hope:

“The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways – I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows” This is what Socrates told to his Pupils when death knocks Socrates door.

So, we can conclude that the martyr of FAITH & the martyr of REASON prefer a Noble death for a higher value than to live a disgraceful life.

The price of FREEDOM may be Death; don’t you think that paying this  price for a HIGHER & NOBLE thing called FREEDOM & to live a dignified LIFE mean being a HUMAN? I think So !


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  1. Excellent article bro. BUT it seems “Death” is always inevitable. Do you think, is there a way that we can win the sub-humans rather than it?

  2. I think zr is a way…but for that faithful day we need to pay unto death…

  3. eri bekentu permalink

    Hemlock was the reward for the person who worked very hard to conscientize the youth. This is very much applicable in today’s situation in our country.

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